Protecting the future of Fredericksburg's architectural heirloom

Save Renwick is a grassroots community initiative dedicated to the continued public use the Renwick Courthouse in Fredericksburg, VA. City Council plans to redevelop the site, but wants to sell it off to private interests. Our goal is to keep Renwick public, thereby ensuring it will remain a Fredericksburg icon for generations to come.


Save Renwick's guiding principles

Public ownership

The Renwick Courthouse should remain in full ownership by the City of Fredericksburg, not sold or indefinitely leased to private interests.

Public access

Projects that offer open access to the public should be preferred, while those that limit access to a leasing tenant or an elite few should be avoided.

Public process

The citizens of Fredericksburg and other community stakeholders should be given preference during project planning so that outcomes reflect their collective sentiments.

Renwick courtroom gables
Renwick bell tower
View from the Renwick courtroom jurybox


There's history here worth saving

Take a trip through time and discover the story of Renwick Courthouse.